The next big things from the shop around the corner in the age of digitization.

Hamburg, 18th April, 2018 – This year marks the 5th anniversary of Blueprint, a customer event organized annually by Comosoft and which took place last Wednesday – again at the Empire Riverside Hotel in the heart of Hamburg. This year’s motto was Back to the Future and dedicated to the current industry trend: the renaissance of the classic medium of print. Thanks to the digital transformation various doors have opened for the print industry over the past few years. Concepts like one-to-many, one-to-few and even one-to-one played just an important of a role in this process as technical innovations.

In his welcome speech, Peter Jozefiak, Managing Director of Comosoft, explained that these days the attention span of a goldfish is 12.5% longer than that of a customer, according to a Microsoft study. The ramification is a major, but not entirely unsolvable challenge: communicated content must be relevant and customized for the customer’s personal preferences. Companies that know their customers and know their preferences and interests can use one-to-one communication to send specific relevant messages through various channels.

How that works was shown on site in a practical demonstration: as guests checked in to the event, they were allowed to take a goodie from the corner shop stand. What they didn’t know was that the “corner shop” was keeping track of the personal preferences of each guest. That afternoon Paul Kawano finally demonstrated in his one-to-one presentation how easy a personalized mailing can be prepared in a manner that is both user-friendly and based on “customer data” from the corner shop stand, especially when the company knows what its customers like. Every guest was then sent a personalized email newsletter in which personal “sensational offers you might also be interested in” were embedded fully automatically and based on the previously selected product. This was all made possible with LAGO DIM and also naturally works in print – as personalized flyers printed on site showed.

Just how valuable the corner shop concept of yesteryear is today was also proven by Gerhard Märtterer in his presentation “What the corner shop did right intuitively and how its heirs and successors can continue to grow despite Alexa & Co.” After all, the corner shop engaged in one-to-one communication at the point-of-sale on a daily basis and spontaneously launched word-of-mouth campaigns. The only difference is that the heirs and successors to the corner shop have thousands more customers, more products and more communications channels. Gerhard Märtterer presented the solutions the Eversfrank Group can provide to meet this challenge in numerous specific examples.

Finally, John Parsons asked the big question in his presentation “Are print and digital mortal enemies?” His conclusion: no, they aren’t. Because when the right decisions are made, print and digital can not only co-exist, but even complement each other and improve profitability – for example, with print-to-web solutions such as image recognition or augmented reality.

Following a successful conference at the Empire Riverside Hotel, the team and all guests found the perfect way to end the day on a cruise through the port of Hamburg enjoying perfect weather and cold beverages. This was followed by visit to the public viewing platform of the Elbphilharmonie Plaza from which participants were able to discover Hamburg from an entirely new perspective. The evening ended in CARLS Brasserie with a spectacular view of the “Elbphi” concert hall. The Comosoft team would like to thank everyone who came and is already looking forward to the next marvelous event!