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The save-the-date announcements have been mailed, and we are pleased to be able to announce officially the continuation of our event series Port of Thoughts – Retail Summit. We have already held four successful events over the past few years in the heart of Hamburg thanks to numerous participants and outstanding speakers. We now wish to go into what is in the meantime the fifth round – with you.

Port of Thoughts is focusing again on a current trend topic and reinforcing its position as a modern meeting place for commerce. It is here that current trends and challenges are discussed. It is here that the movers and shakers of the industry meet. Thus we are happy to invite you to attend the Retain Summit on April 19, 2018 under the motto:

Everyone’s talking about digitization – and many companies have taken action. Still, they have come to realize that traditional channels like bricks-and-mortar businesses, the printed catalog or flyers clearly have a reason for existence. No wonder that players like Zalando or Amazon who have restricted themselves solely to e-commerce have in the meantime come to a point where they are including the classic medium of print in their customer journey and are opening more and more stationary shops. This is the agenda at Port of Thoughts which this time will serve as a platform for exchanges on the current challenge facing commerce: to tune traditional channels as best as they can for a digital transformation and integrate them in their omnichannel communication. Quite frankly: What is the smartest way for commerce to get back to the roots in the digital age?

In 2018, we are also going back to our roots. For the daytime events, we are once again meeting in the festive rooms of the Empire Riverside Hotel while the evening motto is “Back to the Roof”: As in 2015, we will end the evening with you in the Elbe Panorama Penthouse and enjoy a spectacular sunset and the setting of the Port of Hamburg.

This will be the first time that this the fifth edition of Port of Thoughts will take place in the spring. This is not just due to the often stormy fall weather, but also to the approaching Christmas trade, one of the most turbulent times for our branch.

We are greatly looking forward to discussing the trends and challenges of commerce with you and to seeing you again. We are available to you at any time if you have any questions.

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Back to the Roots & Back to the Roof | Digital tuning of traditional sales channels

Port of Thoughts | April 19th 2018 

CONFERENCE | 10:00 am – 06:00 pm | Empire Riverside Hotel

EVENING EVENT | 07:00 pm – Open End | Penthouse Elb-Panorama

If you have any questions please contact Ms Jessica Wahl via email or phone+49 4832 608-432

These are just a few of the questions PORT OF THOUGHTS will address next year. We can already promise that we will once again find the right combination of strategic and operational strategies to be as diverse and practical as possible.

•   How do traditional channels integrate into the omnichannel mix?

•   How can these traditional channels be measured?

•   How do they complement digital channels?

•   How can these channels be implemented?

•   What concepts have to be used: One2Many, One2Few or even One2One?

•   What do retailers have to do to keep from losing customers on their journey?

About the event in 2016

A business model that looks pioneering today may be history tomorrow. An idea that was science fiction yesterday, is already reality today. While the digital revolution may throw doubt on the old, it also opens up unprecedented opportunities – both for established companies and creative new players on the market. But how to create a digital breakthrough in times of disruption? This is the central question posed by the 4th RETAIL SUMMIT – PORT OF THOUGHTS.


Top speakers from industry, science and trend research will again be providing answers this year. But this year, not only the established big names will be present but new players on the digital stage as well: LEGENDS & REBELS.

Meeting Point - Retail

5th time in a row: the who is who of retail meets for Retail Summit – Port of Thoughts in Hamburg

Excellent Speaker

Once again top speakers from the retail industry will talk about trends and challenges in retail business

Exclusive Location

One of Hamburgs top locations is hosting this years Port of Thoughts in Hamburg – Empire Riverside Hotel



I think that we will see a combination of different forms. The multichannel or omnichannel ability will be the feature of the future both in communication and also afterwards in the processing of the transactions.
I consider it rather problematic to just talk about the digital aspect and understand it as purely technological. Instead, I think that it´s something much more profound and that this involves a genuine transformation of company culture and not an introduction of technology in some form.
Port of Thought? It´s the convergence of ideas, innovation in one room – coming from different sources. And to me that´s the meaning of Port of Thoughts.


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      • Empire Riverside Hotel
      • 19. April 2018
      • 10:00 - 18:00
      • ++49 4832 608-432